OL:Pro SMD LED Awning or Tent LED Light Bar


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The brightest and most adaptable lighting for anywhere.

Ideal for Awnings, Tents, Kitchens, Caravans, Motorhomes or anywhere else!

SMDs (Surface Mounted Diodes) are next generation LEDs.  They are brighter, use less energy and last for longer.  The unique SMD Light Bar from OLPro allows you to connect SMD strips together and then power them however you need.

You may need to purchase clips if buying to clip to a tent or awning pole (C Clips are available in packs)).

This OLPRO SMD Light Bar:

  • 50cm Long Light Bar
  • 13mm wide
  • Contains 30 SMDs (Surface Mounted Diodea)
  • All diodes are Epistar chips certificated
  • The OLPRO SMD Light Bar is connectable to other bars or connectors
  • Cut points for ease of shortening the bar if needed
  • Lumens: 360LM ±5%
  • Beam Angle:120°
  • Colour temperature: 3000K / 4100K
  • Power consumption: 5.4W
  • PFC: 0.9
  • Working voltage: DC12~13v
  • Working temperature: -5~+35
  • CRI: >85
  • Material: Aluminum base
  • Five year warranty 
  • Connectors, cable & plugs not included

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