2018 Dorema Palma Sun Canopy

£225.00 tax incl.

Generous extension of your awning

This awning canopy is the latest introduction to the Dorema collectionand is designed for the camper who wishes to create an additional extension to their awning.

The Palma awning canopy will fit all new Dorema full awnings.

The canopy is secured to the awning by a plastic figure of 8 profile on the awning canopy. A separate side wall is available for both left and right as an additional cost option.

This canopy is made entirely of European Ten Cate material.

Depth: 240 cm on floor
Roof material: Ten Cate lightweight coated polyester
Wall material: Ten Cate lightweight coated polyester
Frames: A choice from

  • Canopy frame steel
  • Canopy frame aluminium

Available sizes: 5-22
Colour: blue/grey and charcoal/grey
Weight: Size 7:

  • 3 upright steel poles approx. 7.6 kg
  • Steel frame approx. 11.9 kg
  • Aluminium frame approx. 8.6 kg

Side panels are available at £64 Per side

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