Quest Elite Instant Spring Up Screen House 4+4 Double Garden Gazebo


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This is the excellent Quest Elite Instant Spring Up Screen House 4. This is a multi-use gazebo, screen house or event shelter. It is perfect for entertaining in the garden, away at events, a covered social area when camping, in fact the uses are almost limitless. The screen house features the unique spring up frame system which allows 1 person to erect this screen house in under a minute. There is no frame to erect, nothing to put together or adjust, it goes up in three simple steps.

Step 1: Get into Position
You simply take the screen house out of the bag and place it on the ground, holding the frame with the black circular end on the ground. Let the sides fall to the fall at which point you will see the green roof material facing upwards. Then finally place the frame on the ground as well.

Step 2: Erect the screen house
Next you walk around the screen house and open the sides up (there are 3 in this model). You do this simply by holding the storm strap with one hand, whilst the other holds the top of the side. Pull the storm strap towards you and this will cause the side to 'spring open'. Repeat this on each of the sides. This only takes seconds for each side. Once all sides have been done, simply walk into the centre of the screen house and push the centre of the roof up. The roof will then 'spring' into place. Then place the two front poles in the pockets provided at the top and bottom of each corner of the door. The screen house is now erected, but we recommend that you peg the screen house down in case of windy conditions.

Step 3: Peg (Recommended)
There is a pegging point at every corner of the screen house and in the middle of each side. On top of these points each side has a storm strap located in the middle of the sidewall, peg this down by pulling the storm strap away from the screen house, but keep the strap loose. Once pegged tighten the storm strap, but do not over tighten as it could pull the screen house out of shape.

Step 4: Optional Extras: Sidewall Blinds (not included)
You can also fit sidewall blinds if you wish. These give you more privacy and protection against the weather. Every side and the door can have a sidewall blind fitted if you so wish. To fit the sidewall blind simply unclip the storm strap, place the sidewall blind over the side clipping it in place in each comer. Ensure the ring in the centre pushes over the hoop where the storm strap fits onto and finally just attach the Velcro tabs on the top and sides.

The screen house gives you a huge amount of usable space as the sides spring out ensuring you can use 100% of the space inside. The screen house has fully screen sides all around so there is nothing to add afterwards. The screen walls stop those pesky insects getting and actually help keep the wind at bay, but allows airflow to keep it cool. In sunny weather the UV coating and shade from the roof along with the fully screened sides actually make the inside of the screen house cooler than the outside.

Easy to put up, just as easy to take down and pack away, the screen house is the perfect addition to any outdoor living space, it is both shelter from bad weather, shade from good weather and added privacy when you need it.


  • 4 Sided Gazebo, Screen House or Event Shelter
  • Premium Quality
  • Goes up in Under 1 Minute
  • 5 Fully Screened Sides
  • 1 x Fully Screened Double Door
  • Storm Straps Included
  • Waterproof Roof
  • Highest UV Rating Possible
  • Can be fitted with optional side wall blinds.
  • Huge Internal Space


  • Canvas: 210D PU Coated Oxford Polyester
  • UV Rating: 50+
  • HH: 1000 mm.
  • Frame: Fibreglass
  • Side Size : 244 x 210 cm.
  • Floor Size: 488 x 244 cm.
  • Height: 180 - 220 cm.
  • Folded: 155 x 19 x 19 cm.
  • Total Weight: 17.5 kg.
  • Screen House Only Weight: 14.5 kg.

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