Quest Footprint Groundsheet For Hyrda 300 Campervan Driveaway Awning


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£23.99 tax incl.

This is a made to measure footprint for your Hydra 300 awning. The footprint is made friom the same material that your awnings groundsheet is so it matches perfectly. It is made to measure so you know you've got the right one. Pegging eyelets in the corners allow you to peg it securely to the ground.

A footprint is made to go underneath your awning. It helps show you where your awning is going to be pitched and helps keep it clean and dry. This makes it easier when putting the awning away as by keeping the bottom of the awning clean and dry allows yo to pack it away and leave it packed away as you don't have to take it out again afterwards to dry out.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Same PVC material as your awnings groundsheet
  • Folds away flat
  • Pegging eyelets in the corners

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