Waterless One Dry Wash Cleaning Kit


£18.99 tax incl.

The revolutionary way to wash your car, caravan, motorhome, boat, motorbike, or any other metal, glass, or painted surface! A totally waterless washing system. You can wash and polish your car anywhere.

In the garage, on your drive, or in a car park. All you need to get brilliant results is Onedrywash and two clean cloths - no water! no buckets! no hoses! no noisy jet wash machine! and no wellington boots! A totally waterless washing and polishing system. Simply spray on; wipe with a clean cloth; wait a few seconds then wipe off with another clean cloth - what could be easier?

The warmer it is, the quicker it is, can be used in direct sunlight without problems. Onedrywash simply lifts dirt from the surface you are washing and leaves a polished finish. Fed up with getting changed and then spending hours washing your car by hand, getting cold and wet, messing around with hoses, buckets and sponges, or spending time stuck in queues for car washes?

Then Onedrywash is the answer for you. Wash, and polish your car easily, quickly, and without fuss. Get a polished finish second to none, which will last longer than a traditional "bucket and sponge" wash. By using Onedrywash, no harmful chemicals are washed down the drains, so it is suitable for use anywhere.

One 500ml bottle of Onedrywash will save 1 ton of water. MDW cannot scratch, its chemical composition uses capillary action to envelop every dust and grit particle down to a size smaller than the human eye can see, and does not allow it to come in contact with the surface again. Onedrywash lifts the dirt and grit from the surface you are washing as it dries, and suspends it within the compound, so that it does not come into contact with the bodywork again. Gently removing road grime, tar, bird droppings and tree sap. Consisting of 500ml bottle with trigger, 2 micro fibre cloths

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