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Almost 25 years ago the innovative designers of Strahl beverageware recognised the need for elegant yet durable alternatives to glassware in both the hospitality and retail industries and have succeeded in producing a versatile and growing range that has secured its place and reputation in the marketplace as the worlds best alternative to glass. products are produced in a state of the art ISO accredited plant and our quality control team ensures the highest standards are always met.  

They are renowned worldwide for having the perfect balance between weight, clarity and elegance resulting in products with unrivalled quality, value for money and the desired look and feel of traditional glass.  Ongoing research and product development ensures that Strahl continues to provide innovative, elegant and durable polycarbonate beverageware solutions for both the home user and the hospitality sector, globally.

  • Strahl beverageware with its elegant range of polycarbonate products that are considered to be the world's best alternative to glass.
  • Elegance - Strahl beverageware is made of a high quality polycarbonate, a remarkable material that enables us to produce beverageware products with the clarity and elegance of glass. 
  • Strahl beverageware does not shatter, making it an ideal and extremely safe alternative to glass.
  • All Strahl beverageware products undergo a unique finishing process to extend the lifespan and durability of products.
  • Dishwasher Safe - Strahl products can be cleaned in commercial dishwasher systems for at least 2,000 cycles, on either a high or low temperature cleaning operation showing only minimal micro scratches not visible under normal usage conditions.

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