Kontrol Cordless Rechargeable Turbo 2 Dehumidifier


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Small in stature but packing a mighty damp-busting punch, the Kontrol Cordless Turbo 2 Dehumidifier is neat, discreet, and so quiet you can barely hear it working while it rids your home of damp, mould, mildew and musty odours.

Go-anywhere damp-busting

Think dehumidifier and what comes to mind is probably a bulky, noisy appliance that sits on the floor humming and gurgling away getting the job done, but in a rather industrial fashion. This little damp-buster is nothing like that. Standing a mere 24cm high with a fold-down carry handle, its slimline silhouette is perfect for perching on windowsills in any room of your home, from kitchen to bedroom to garage. And because it doesnt need to be plugged into the mains while its working, its ideal for boats, motorhomes and caravans too.

Powerful and effective

Offering round-the-clock protection from damp, condensation, mould and mildew, the built-in humidity sensor automatically activates the fan when the relative humidity level goes above 50%, and switches it off when it falls back below 50%, so its always ready to spring into action. Effective in areas up to 20m Sq., the fan makes it up to four times more efficient than a static machine, collecting and removing more moisture from the air, but even with the fan switched off, the moisture-absorbing crystals inside will go on working. And once theyre saturated, the Cordless Turbo 2 will happily accommodate all kinds of refill crystals and tablets, including our Moisture Trap Refill Crystals.


Cordless by name, cordless by nature. Charged via a USB port, the fan unit is easy to remove and can be recharged up to 450 times. Taking up to four and a half hours to fully charge using the USB charger supplied, it will then run for up to an incredible 40 hours, so you can happily leave it to do its work without having to constantly check and recharge it.

Other features

  • 1 litre water tank easy to remove and empty
  • Indicator light green when fully charged, flashes red when 10% battery life remains.
  • On/off switch allows you to override the humidity sensor and have the unit on constantly.
  • Instruction manual included.


  • Capacity: 1 litre
  • External: 15.5 x 12 x 24cm H.
  • Weight: 1.2 kg.

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