Elsan Elsil Water Purfication & Treatment


£9.99 tax incl.

Keeping your drinking water clean and safe has never been easier, or so effective. Elsil drinking water purifier offers a complete sterilisation treatment which is effective against all organisms including bacteria, viruses, amoebas, fungi, yeasts and spores. It's also chlorine free so completely odourless and tasteless.

Adding Elsil helps keeps your water fresh and wholesome, it helps prevent the degradation of fresh water when stored. It's ideal for use in your boats water tanks or in temporary water containers making it great for camping and caravanning as well.

Simply add 1 part Elsil to every 10,000 parts of water, in other words it only takes 0.1ml (2 drops) per litre of drinking water. That means that 5ml will treat 50 litres of water, giving you enough treatment per bottle to treat 1000 litres.

Elsil can also be used to sterilise tanks and containers prior to use by leaving it to work for at least 2 hours (or overnight), making sure it is in contact with all surfaces of the tank. The sterilisation solution should then be flushed out, although there is no need to rinse the system making it extremely convenient.

Elsan Elsil comes in a convenient container with a dosage chamber (5.0ml) and pouring tube to aid pouring the treatment into tank fillers. You also get a dropper nozzle which creates small 1.0ml drops.

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