Large Red Stingray Snow Sledge


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£13.79 tax incl.

Be ready for the next winter day and buy a sledge for the snow! Suitable for adults and children, the Stingray Sledge is the perfect choice for fun days out with your family and friends.

Built using strong and durable thermo-moulded plastic, the Stingray Sledge features a streamlined shape that speeds across the snow for a smooth and comfortable ride.

Sledging is now one of the UK's most popular and enjoyable winter activities - so hurry and don't miss out when the next snow day arrives!

  • Front safety cord to pull children
  • Safety cord can also be used as a carry strap
  • Strong flexible plastic construction
  • Holds 2 children or 1 adult
  • Can be used sitting or laying down
  • Durable and strong plastic
  • Length - 90cm approx
  • Width - 64cm approx

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