Waterless Miracle Onedrywash Valeters Starter Pack - Bulk Buy

Waterless Miracle Onedrywash Valeters Starter Pack - Bulk Buy


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Onedrywash was created to wash aircraft in the desert and apply a wax which increases fuel efficiently. Now it enables you to fly around your car, leaving it spotless. It effortlessly cleans all surfaces-bodywork, alloys, plastic, acrylic windows, chrome, and glass.

Simply spray on, gently wipe in and allow to dry for a few seconds or minutes (depending on the temperature) then wipe off with a second clean cloth. While the spray is drying, it lifts the dirt and grime from the bodywork and suspends it in the drying liquid. When you wipe it off, the dirt grime does not touch the bodywork so it leaves no scratches or marks. All you are left with is a layer of wax and a clean, shiny vehicle.

Its the revolutionary way to wash your caravan, motorhome, car, van, truck, coach, bus, boat or any other metal, glass or painted surface! A totally waterless cleaning system.

Using a Drywash to valet your clients cars creates no mess, just a very positive impression of a job well done.

One process will wash AND polish the customers vehicle saving you precious time and cost, we offer a starter pack:

  • 2 x 1 litre jerry cans of ODW
  • 12 x Micro-fibre cloths
  • 1 x Pressurised dispencer
  • 12 x Latex gloves

Once you are up and running, refills are readily available.

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