Annexe For Aries / Omega Westfield Awning


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This is the perfect companion to your performance air awning. It fits on both the Omega or Aries both sizes performance air awnings. It is a top of the range annex which adds valuable extra storage room an extra bedroom or pet room. It is a large 230 x 210 cm in size allowing you to easily sleep 3 or more in comfort. Fitting the annex is extremely easy thanks to the oversized zips and configuration of the awning and annex. You simply pitch your awning as normal and then just zip the annex onto the side of your awning. There is no need to remove a panel or unpeg anything you can simply just zip it on. Then you simply pop the single shaped aluminium pole in place and peg your annex. The entire process can easily be done in under 15 minutes.

The annex is large so it gives you a great deal of extra room with very little extra effort. The side panel of the awning can be left in place which is perfect if you want to use the annex as a bedroom / play area for your pet. It enables you to keep the area closed and secure when required. The annex can be turned into a bedroom by the addition of the optional inner tent sold seperately. The inner tent uses every piece of available space in the annex so you do not loose any of that extra room giving the bedroom loads of extra space.

The annex features a single door on the rear and built in ventilation to help condensation. The annex is made from the same high performance HydroTech XT pro material that your awning is made from so it matches the colour and performance of your awning perfectly. The awning can be zipped onto either side of your awning or you can even have two annexes on the one awning giving you even more expansion potential.

HydroTech XT Pro
This is a brand new 300D material which is unlike any other. First of all it is stronger than all of its counterparts. It has a higher tensile strength than standard 300D ripstop material. It is the strongest 300D material available today. It is woven in a completely new way making the final material stronger than previously possible. Next it is thread dyed rather then woven and then dyed. This means each individual thread has been dyed before it is woven together usually the material is first woven together and then dyed as it is easier and cheaper but this material is dyed and then woven. It allows more dye to penetrate the material and each thread gets completely coated allowing for a better and longer lasting colour.


  • Can be used with Omega and Aries awnings
  • Oversized annex
  • Easily sleeps 3/4
  • Single aluminium pole
  • Hydrotech XT Pro Fabric
  • Anti-Weather system added protection
  • Quick and easy to erect
  • Built in ventilation
  • Large single rear door

Materials and Dimensions

  • Fabric: Hydrotech XT Pro
  • Mud Skirt: Hydrotech XT Pro
  • HH: 6000 mm
  • Width: 230 cm
  • Depth: 200 cm
  • Packed: 83 x 24 x 20 cm
  • Weight: 8.2 kg

Optional Extras

  • A1008 : Annex Inner tent

IMPORTANT NOTE: This annexe is a second and my have some colour transfer between the light and dark sections of fabric. This in no way affects the durability of the awning and the manufacturers warranty is unaffected (except for colour transfer)

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