HTD Awning Pole Tensioner Companion


£13.99 tax incl.

If you have ever struggled to get your caravan awning pitched, without it falling down then you will appreciate what benefits a HTD Awning Tensioner can bring to you.

You no longer have to struggle with your awning poles, this product will take away the backache and the heartache of seeing your expensive awning and caravan getting damaged.

The HTD Awning Tensioner keeps your awning poles spread apart, allowing you to tighten the poles, without loss of tension. Effectively providing you with a 'third' hand.

  • HTD Awning Tensioner is the answer to a lot of caravan users prayers.
  • This product is sturdy but light, allowing quick and easy tensioning of awning poles.
  • No more struggling!
  • No more poles falling on your head
  • Reducing caravan panel damage
  • Light and Robust
  • Simple design
  • Makes easy work for you

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