Greenstake Biodegradable Tent Pegs - Pack Of Ten - 4" / 10cm


£4.99 tax incl.

Welcome to GreenStake, the tough, 100% biodegradable landscape stake that is kinder to people, machines and the environment than traditional metal staples.

A GreenStake is really tough and can be driven into the hardest ground. But it also breaks down, naturally, without harming the environment because it is made from renewable materials and 100% biodegradable. It reduces the risk of injury to people and animals caused by a metal staple, eliminates the risk of damage to machines and equipment like mower blades and tires and can actually reduce project costs when used in place of a metal pin.

Safe - Safer than metal staples for people and machines
Effective - Works for over 18 months before biodgrading completely
Strong - these 4" stakes have 45% more holding power than 6" metal staples
Biodegradable - completely biodegrades when finished with
Tough - as tough as metal!
Certified - Complies with ASTM D6400 and EN13432
Specified by governments, engineers, conservation bodies and DOTs

Ideal for pegging tents, securing plants, pinning turf and weedcontrol fabric, etc.

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