Olpro Winter Long Caravan Overwintering Protection - 1ltr


£6.79 tax incl.

Use on your Caravan or Motorhome instead of a Caravan Cover to protect it from Algae, Dirt, Excessive water, Bird Mess, Tree Sap, and Traffic Film. To use put half a bottle in a bucket of water and using a sponge apply to caravan or motorhome. Concentrated 1 Litre Strong Formula caravan protection for whilst the caravan or motorhome is in storage or not in use over in winter. The special formula creates a protective layer over your caravan during storage. 

It protects against Algae, Dirt, Excessive water, Bird Mess, Tree Sap, Traffic Film.

Biodegradable and Environmentally Friendly.

Half a bottle of Winter Long Caravan Protection should cover any caravan or motorhome, so two years worth of cover in a single bottle if only used once per season! Simply Wash your Caravan or Motorhome with OLPros Inside and Out and then apply Winter Long, and then wash off when you're ready to use the Caravan or Motorhome - with Inside and Out.

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