Gas Genie Magnetic Electronic Gas Level Indicator


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It is very difficult to know how much gas is left in the cylinder at any time. Picking up the cylinder and swishing it around does not really help and pressure gauges are no use. They only give minutes or even seconds warning before the cylinder is empty.

Replacing the cylinder before it is needed is wasteful of expensive gas. Wouldn't it be great if there was a warning when the gas was running low but still with enough there to easily finish the current BBQ? The GasGenie is the answer.

The GasGenie warns you when the gas is running low. In the same way that a car fuel gauge lights up when it is time to refill. So there is plenty of time to finish cooking and then find time to replace or refill the cylinder. The GasGenie works by electronically monitoring the gas level and when it detects that the gas is running low it emits a tuneful sound and flashes its LEDs. There is no need to switch it on or turn it off.

The GasGenie is always on standby and will only sound when the gas is actually turned on and running low. To use it simply insert the two AA batteries supplied with the product, close the unit and clip it magnetically to the lower part of the gas cylinder.

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