Cadac Trio Power Pack with Quick Release Fitting


£60.00 tax incl.

Lightweight, portable gas supply for gas barbecues.Ideal for camping holidays. The Trio Power Pak weighs only 1.2 kg and it combines the gas supply of 3x 220g gas cartridges; this makes the use of the large, heavy gas cylinder unnecessary.

The housing has a removable back, which makes it easy to click the cartridges into the device. By combining the gas supply of the cartridges, the cartridges will freeze less quickly and the device can be used even at lower temperatures.

The gas hose of the Trio Power Pak can easily be (dis)connected due to the integrated Quick Release coupling. This way you (dis)connect the gas hose with just a single "click".


  • The Trio Power Pak uses 3x 220gm cartridges (not included). 
  • There is a back cover that un clips and folds down. Then the 3x 220gm cartridges are clipped in, and the back cover clips closed.
  • The gas supply hose is removable as it is fitted with a CADAC QR/Quick Release connector.
  • All 3 cartridges supply gas to the appliance at the same time. However, the Trio Power Pak can be used with 220gm cartridges that are each at different levels of gas. 
  • It can also be used with any amount of cartridges, it does not need all 3 cartridges at the same time to still function. 
  • Any cartridge can be removed and replaced at any time. It is not necessary to change all 3 at the same time. 

Please note the images show the non quick release version for illustration purposes only

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