2021 Dometic Awning Solar Shade Roof Cover - All Sizes!

Dometic Awning Solar Shade Roof Cover - All Sizes!

£110.00 tax incl.

This awning roof cover helps to keep you cool, protects from bird droppings and blocks UV rays. For a more comfortable and better condition awning.

  • Easy to install with zipped connection
  • Added protection from UV rays
  • Regulates temperature for more comfortable interior
  • Keeps awning roof is good condition and clean from bird droppings

This solar shade is suitable for:

  • Light to moderate weather
  • Touring

This solar shade is not suitable for:

  • Windy weather conditions or snowfall
  • Commercial use

260 S/M Fits 

  • Club Air Pro 260S
  • Club Air Pro 260M
  • Rally Air Pro 260S
  • Rally Air Pro 260M
  • Rally Air All Season 260S
  • Rally Air All Season 260M
  • Winter 260S
  • Winter 260M

330 Fits:

  • Club Air Pro 330S
  • Club Air Pro 330M
  • Rally Air Pro 330S
  • Rally Air Pro 330M
  • Club Air All Season 330S
  • Club Air All Season 330M

390 Fits:

  • Club Air Pro 390S
  • Club Air Pro 390M
  • Club Air Pro 390L
  • Rally Air Pro 390S
  • Rally Air Pro 390M
  • Club Air All Season 390S
  • Club Air All Season 390M
  • Club Air All Season 390L
  • Grande Air All Season 390S
  • Grande Air All Season 390M
  • Grande Air Pro 390S
  • Grande Air Pro 390M

400 Fits:

  • Ace Air Pro 400S
  • Ace Air All Season 400S

440 Fits:

  • Club Air Pro 440S
  • Club Air Pro 440M

500 Fits:

  • Ace Air Pro 500S
  • Ace Air All Season 500S

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