Thetford C2 C3 C4 Fresh Up Kit Wheels & Seat

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£139.00 tax incl.

A straight forward and economic solution for making an old Cassette Toilet good as new, the Thetford Fresh Up Kit can transform your tired old Cassette Toilet into a nearly new loo without the expense of having to buy a whole new toilet.

Featuring a waste-holding tank with a handle, toilet seat with lid and two Thetford chemical cleaners, the Thetford Fresh Up Kit (for use with the C2, C3 or C4 range of Caravan Cassette Toilets) comes with everything you could need to breathe new life into an old toilet!

  • The Thetford Fresh-Up Set contains:
  • 1 x Waste Holding Tank with wheels
  • 1 x Toilet Seat & Lid

HOW TO WORK OUT IF YOU NEED RIGHT OR LEFT... When your sat on the toilet, where is the external access door? If it's on your right hand side then you need a right handed fresh up kit, if it's on your left side then you need the left handed version.

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