Wastemaster Superclean


£7.49 tax incl.

Wastemaster Superclean liquid is specially formulated to thoroughly clean your Wastemaster without damaging the inside of the item. The Superclean liquid helps to eliminate grey water odours and the build up of fatty waste deposites in the Wastemaster.

One 250ml bottle makes 30 litres of Superclean formula, allowing you to clean a Wastemaster twice. Aquaroll recommend your Wastemaster is cleaned thoroughly at the end of every season to help extend the lifespan of your product.
To use the Wastemaster Superclean liquid simply mix half of the contents of the bottle with 15 litres of warm water, pour into the Wastemaster and agitate well.
Lay the Wastemaster on its back and leave to soak for 6 hours (or overnight for a more thorough cleanse), then turn over and leave for a further 6 hours to ensure complete cleaning coverage.
Empty the container, then finally half fill the Wastemaster with fresh water, agitate well, and then drain.
Please allow the inside of you Wastemaster to fully dry before storing it away or before use.

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