Quest Poled Annexe For Kensington / Westminster Porch




£199.00 tax incl.

This is the Quest Elite Westminster poled annex gives you a spacious area on the side of your awning as a multi purpose area. It is designed to zip onto the Kensington Caravan awning and can be used on either side of the awning, or you can put one on either end. This product doesn’t include the inner tent as it is sold separately.

It features the luxury HydroTech Cotton Touch fabric which is an all weather, premium fabric that will last for years. The high performance coating on the fabric gives its extremely weatherproof rating and helps protect it and you from the harmful U.V. rays. The fabric also has that luxury cotton touch to it making it feel as good as it looks.

You have a premium lightweight aluminium frame which is lightweight helping to keep the weight down, whilst the premium nature of the frame ensures its strength and durability. The frame ensures the annex is tight and strong, no matter the weather and gives you plenty of places to hang a light or more. Being a traditional frame also means that it is adjustable, so handles uneven ground better than its air rivals and it also packs away to a smaller size.

The annex has a zipped door to the rear allowing it to be used to exit or enter without the need to go though the main annex. The annex also features patterned windows all around allowing light in, but still giving you privacy. It also has built in ventilation to help keep it cooler, which is especially important if it’s being used as a bedroom. The annex adds extra storage room, extra space or can be used with the optional (purchased separately) inner tent as a bedroom, giving you loads of extra options for your awning.

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