Quest Falcon 325 Air Caravan Porch Awning




£224.43 tax incl.

This Falcon Air lightweight awnings are quick and easy to use air awnings. They are specifically designed to be lightweight and great value. The lightweight nature and use of the Falcon Air Tech (FAT) system means they are extremely easy to use.

The Falcon Air Tech (FAT) system means that they are designed with as few air tubes as possible, which helps keep the weight down and make it easier to pitch. The system also uses proven technology and a simple design to help make it easier to use and more reliable. You can even fix the system yourself onsite in minutes if the very worst happens allowing you to continue enjoying your break.

The Falcon Air 325 uses the same modern Quest Tec150 lightweight fabric which is easy to roll and fold away. The fabric also dries quickly and is easy to clean making it easier to maintain and use. The awnings also pack down to a small pack size which makes them even easier to use, carry and store away when not in use.


  • Quest Tec 150 Fabric: Quest Tec150 is a lightweight fabric making it easy to use, quick drying and easy to roll and fold making your awning easier to pack away. The fabric itself is a 150D polyester with a hydrostatic head of 4,000mm.
  • Falcon Air Technology: The Falcon Air Technology (FAT) is an extremely reliable and easy to use air system. It has been built on proven technology and designed to be as simple to use as possible. It can even be repaired onsite by yourself if the very worst happens allowing you to continue to enjoy your break.
  • Single person pitch: This product can be pitched by one person Before we award this feature we test the product ourselves by pitching it with one person to be 100% sure that it can be done easily enough to claim single person pitch.
  • Very small pack size: The pack size of this product is very small. Thanks to the lightweight fabric which rolls and folds down very small and the minimal quick-fit frame you end up with a very small packed away size.
  • Very lightweight: This product is very lightweight, which makes it easier to use and pack away. The light weight nature helps towards it being single person pitch as it is easy to pull through the awning channel yourself.
  • UV 50+: The fabric on this product has been UV treated. This means that it not only protects you (and gets a 50+ UV rating) it also protects itself and helps the product last longer.


  • Pack size: 74 x 41 x 31 cm
  • Weight: 11.4 kg
  • Width: 325 cm
  • Depth: 235 cm
  • Height at rail: 235-250 cm

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