2021 Starcamp Tourer Full Touring Awning


£495.00 tax incl.

  • Depth: 240 cm
  • Roof material: Coated polyester
  • Wall material: Coated polyester
  • Front panel: Both panels can be rolled down or zipped out
  • Side panels: Both panels are fitted with a door and can be zipped out
  • Standard Frame:25 mm steel frame *(Not EasyGrip)*
  • 5 roof support poles sizes 10-18
  • 2 extra front legs in size 15-18
  • Available sizes: 875-1100 cm
  • Available colour: charcoal/grey
  • Weight: Size 10 approx. 30 k
  • Curtains May vary from image 


  • A ventilation opening in the ridge of the front panel that can be closed with a zipped panel
  • On the right-hand side you will find a fly screen panel

Optional extras:

  • Lightweight Fibre Tech frame
  • Lightweight Aluminium EasyGrip Quick System frame
  • Annex tall with pointed roof
  • Inner tent annex
  • Veranda pole
  • 2 extra storm poles for extra stability
  • Safe Lock System kit

Special features:

  • Covered zips in matching material for extra protection
  • Annexes are designed to fit on either the left or right-hand side of the awning
  • Fitted with Quick Lock profile
  • Fitted with Safe Lock System
  • Quick Lock pads

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