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The light weight, compact size and multi-functional capabilities of the Outdoor Revolution portable ‘Lumi-Fan Lantern’ makes the intelligent USB rechargeable 3 in 1 LED lantern light, fan and spotlight a modern day camping essential!

This fantastic accessory can be suspended from any of the designated hanging points in your Outdoor Revolution (or most other makes of awning and tent) model using an integral hanging hook, but is also perfect for handheld use, or use on a flat surface.

Both the lantern light and spot light incorporate three brightness settings, ranging from a faint night light to a brilliant ceiling light, providing you with the option of illuminating your tent or awning interior with a cosy evening ambience, on those darker nights camping.

The fan is directional and can be positioned in almost any way, to suit the user's personal preference, making it ideal for cooling down after a tough day of exploring and optimising the through flow of air within your tent throughout warmer weather conditions; this features three speed options, to help you to adapt to the weather, in order to consistently maintain a comfortable body temperature.

Technical Details:


  • Maximum Luminous Flux (High mode): 220 Lm
  • Max Working Time from fully charged (Low mode): 12 Hours
  • Max Working Time from fully charged (High mode): 4.5 Hours

LED Light

  • Maximum Luminous Flux (High mode): 80 Lm
  • Max Working Time (Low mode): 24 Hours
  • Max Working Time (High mode): 7 Hours


  • Maximum Working Time (High mode): 4 Hours
  • Maximum Working Time (Low mode): 12 Hours

A full recharge via the USB lead supplied (standard 1a charge capacity) takes approximately 9 hours

  • Height: approximately 19.5cm
  • Diameter: maximum 10.5cm

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