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Shower in a Can is an antibacterial and antiviral soap that doesnt need water. The innovative bottle provides a fragrance free foam which means you stay clean while youre on the move. While making the most of an actual shower or hand wash is best, Shower in a Cans easy-to-use formula is there to help in those moments where you just arent able to.

Shower in a Can is perfect for on-the-go mums struggling to get their kids to wash their hands properly, carers looking for a convenient way to help patients wash independently, commuters, festival goers and sports enthusiasts wanting a quick clean fix.

Want to know more?

Of course you do. Shower in a Can was borne out of a desire to get school children into sport and exercise by removing a major barrier to getting involved - showering! We wanted to create a discreet and hygienic way to get clean and fresh after PE, but its become so much more than that!

  • Feel fresh & clean without the stickiness
  • Eliminates bacteria, germs, fungus and body odour
  • Get more for less with foam! Up to 400 pumps, or 20 full showers, concentrated in this compact can - no water, towels or wet wipes necessary
  • Perfect for everyday use, social care, lunch time trainers, active commuters, sports people, festival goers, and the general outdoorsy type!
  • An essential for festivals, camping, social care, cycling, running, surfing, commuting, working out, hiking, climbing and travelling (airline friendly 100ml and weighs just 150g)
  • Vegan Society Trademarked, cruelty free, and dermatologically tested.
  • Antibacterial and antiviral, as well as alcohol, paraben and aerosol free
  • Fully recyclable aluminium can and pump

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