RinseKit Lux 3 Gallon Portable Portable Pressurised Shower Kit with Soft Tote


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RinseKit is introducing their brand new Soft Tote design. Its got 50% more spray time than the original RinseKit (up to 8 minutes on the centre setting) and is full of features. The hot water sink adapter is included! The revolutionary RinseKit LUX is the only portable shower to have the pressure of a garden hose without pumping or batteries.

The Eon™ pressure chamber has two 1 inch accessory ports to accommodate RinseKits upcoming accessories a heater system that plugs into a car accessory adapter and a hand pump system which allows users to fill and pressurize their unit remotely without access to a hose bib or sink.

The Soft Tote has 2 outside pockets, a shoulder strap, a quick access double zipper top and 2 side handles for convenience when loading it into a vehicle. Adding to its versatility, the Tote doubles as a soft cooler. The full zip top allows the pressure chamber to be easily removed allowing the Tote to be the perfect cooler when its time to chill some beers.

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