Whale Water Master IC Pump Controller & High Flow Pump


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The water system upgrade caravanners have been waiting for!

Watermaster IC Intelligently Controls the submersible pump, for trouble-free operation and peace of mind.

Never adjust your pressure switch again!*

  • Stops the pump pulsating at high voltages
  • Stops the pump running continuously at low voltages
  • Detects when the water container has run dry and turns pump off
  • Surge damper no longer required
  • Protects and prolongs the submersible pump
  • Helps lengthen battery life
  • Built-in fault diagnostics system
  • Service free, one-step calibration process
  • Easily retro-fitted
Kit contains IC Controller & Whlae HighFlow Pump, socket not included

*Whale Watermaster IC is compatible with a Whale Watermaster pressure switch socket and a Whale Watermaster High-Flow pump only

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