Isabella Mega Windscreen 6 Panel Granite - Seasonal Pitch Windbreak


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This magnificent model comes in two enormous versions: 4 sides and 6 sides. They will both do a perfect job in protecting you and your family from the wind when you relax in your garden, on the campsite, or during your caravanning adventures. You will be able to enjoy this comfortable outdoor space almost instantly as both sizes of Mega Granite are very easy to assemble.

This is the 6 PANEL version

The windscreens are made of strong Acrylic material which will stop the wind and sand. This material is also long-lasting. The Acrylic material will keep the windscreen's lovely granite colour last and prevent it from fading thanks to the pigmentation method.

Zinox layers for Isabella Prisma Seed

Mega Granite Windscreens come with Zinox MegaFrame poles for the highest possible strength, stability and durability in the most inclement weathers. It is a tubular steel frame (material thickness: 32mm/1.2mm) with welded corners and MegaFix on the poles. MegaFrame is designed for year-round use with a full awning which can remain standing all year and can withstand most powerful storms, snowfall and torrential rain. Zinox MegaFrame is made of 4 layers:

Moreover, this brilliant windscreen comes with Stabilo System Mega which ensures full stability. This double base (see photos) allows you to join two Megasteel windscreens by simply hammering an extra spike into the ground.

Stabilo System Mega is flush with the ground, allowing you to mow the lawn over the base without having to remove it. Simply remove your windscreen before you begin. If you wish to join two windscreens, you can buy a separate top connector, which prevents your windscreen from gaping at the top. (NB MegaSteel and Stabilo System Mega cannot be purchased separately as they do not fit other windscreens.)

A brand new optional extra is available with Mega Granite: a windscreen gate (NOT included). It will provide you with full flexibility and comfort when exiting and accessing your wind-free relaxation area. It is made of the same materials as the windscreen itself; granite acrylic, Mega Zinox Frame with 120cm height (and 80cm width). It will not overload your luggage as it is compact and only 3.70 kg

Mega Granite comes as standard with:

  • Mega Frame Zinox poles (including rafter poles)
  • Guy ropes
  • Pegs
  • Stabilo System Mega


  • Sides: 6
  • Dimensions:
    6 sides: 690 x 120cm
  • Weight:
    6 sides: 13.6kg
  • Materials: Acrylic
  • Poles: Megasteel
  • Colour: Granite

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