Quest Falcon Airshield 160 Single Panel Air Windbreak Extension


£115.00 tax incl.

This is the all new Falcon AirShield. It is a modular air windbreak. Modular as every panel zips together, even when you purchase the 3 panel main unit it still comes as three separate panels that you can zip together, allowing you to use as many (even as few as 1) as you actually want.
It also means that you can extend the Shield, simply by purchasing additional panels or even another three panels and putting them all together. It also means that the windbreak can be pitched at different angles as every panel can be moved in a different direction.
Complete with carry bag, pump, pegs and guy ropes there are no extras needed to be bought with this unit unless you are looking to extend by more panels. Also coming with a zipped kador strip allowing you to attach this directly from your caravan to stop any potential gaps.

With its dual inflation points on each panel and the use of the Flacon Air Technology (FAT) system it also ensures its as easy to pitch as it is to take down.

  • QuestTec 150 lightweight performance fabric
    Falcon Air Technology (FAT) System
  • Lightweight
  • Single person pitch
  • Small pack size
  • Dual inflation/deflation points
  • Independant panels
  • UV 50+ Protection
  • Large viewing windows
  • Each panel zips together
  • Extendable to any size
  • Usa as many or as few panels as you like
  • Complete with pump
  • Each panel can be angled
  • Complete with a kador strip to connect to your caravan

Materials and Dimensions

  • Size: 160 x 140cm
  • No of panels: 1
  • Pack size: 53 x 20 x 18cm
  • Weight: 2.4 kg

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