Floë Induratec 868 240V Drainage System


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Floë Induratec 868 Integrated Water Drain-Down System, is the latest offering from APT Innovations Ltd.

It is suitable for draining down and winterizing a static caravan, park home, lodge, wooden cabin, bricks and mortar homes and holiday homes in approximately 4 minutes. This takes the worry out of when to drain coming into autumn and also enables you to drain your own property, other water devices and garden irrigation without having to pay anyone to do it for you, while allowing you the benefit of using your property throughout the winter months, draining when and as often as you like before you leave.


In addition, Floë will clean the inside of the pipes of Biofilm algae buildup to 99.95%. Plus, it will cleanse the inside of the boiler, extending the life expectancy of the heat exchanger indefinitely, while saving you 15% on fuel.

Floë is easily and permanently fitted to the property, so the only thing the owner needs to do is, turn off the mains water supply, switch Floë on and then start opening and draining taps (faucets), showers and toilets. Everything is now operated from the inside the property, comfortably in the warmth. With its own PCB brain and clever compressor, Floë will automatically stop at the correct pressure and restart automatically after each outlet is drained. Better yet, Floë has been carefully designed to be able to be removed again without trace, so should you change your property, you are free to take Floë with you.


  • Weight: 1.160 kg
  • Dimensions: 20 x 17 x 6 cms

How to fit:

Floë comes with all the components required for normal fitting.

For ease of access, Floë can be fitted with four screws to the wall in the boiler cupboard. The 4 mtr length of airline is connected to Floë and then dropped through the floor under the boiler, beside the other boiler pipes.

Underneath the property, the airline should be terminated with a special tee provided, which contains a non return valve. This allows air to travel down into the tee, but doesnt allow water to come back up through the tee. The tee is fitted to the main 15mm water line somewhere on the property side of the outside stopcock. This is done by simply cutting the main line with a pair of pipe cutters and the ends of the pipe are push fit into the tee. And thats it, Floë is fitted.


We have put everything in the box to suit about 95% of caravans, lodges and holiday homes. However, before purchasing, there are two things you need to consider.

1. Additional Airline - Floë comes with 4mtrs (13 ft) of airline, which is usually more than enough.
The two items you need to think about are the main line water supply and the boiler room, where Floë will be fitted. You will want to drop the airline through the floor under the boiler and connect it to the water main line. This means you will need about 3ft of airline inside, which will leave you with about 10ft to play with outside.
Now, generally the water line is under the boiler which is fine and you will have lots of airline for this, however sometimes not. Sometimes the stopcock and the water supply are at opposite sides, or front to back. So, consider that the length and breadth of a typical static is 40ft x 12ft and a 40ft x 22ft for a lodge. Then consider in your mind the positioning of both the boiler and mains stopcock. If the two are at either side of a static (12ft), you will be about 2-3ft short. For this you will need the 2Mtr (68) additional airline. If its a lodge (22ft), you will be 12ft short, so the 4Mtr (13ft) additional is req. Front to back is a similar situation. Please see Additional Airline for Floë Induratec 636 and 868.

2. Main Water Line Thickness - The tee supplied with Floë which delivers air into the water system, is designed to be fitted to 15mm domestic pipework. Again, this is most common in the majority of caravans and lodges and you may find this just before entering the property. However, some sites use a thicker 20-22mm blue or black Alkathene pipework. Now, if access to the 15mm is not possible, then you are going to need to connect to the alkathene somehow, which means reducing this pipework for a setion to 15mm, fitting the tee and then enlarging up again.

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