Kampa Action Poled 180cm - 210cm Campervan Awning




£252.90 tax incl.

The Kampa Action Driveaway Awning is a brilliant option for those that have a campervan or other similar vehicle. It uses Fibreglass Poles in its construction which is a lightweight and durable solution for your awning. The flysheet utilises Weathershield™ 68D Fabric which is a waterproof and hard-wearing polyester material. The interior is spacious with an area of over 7.8m² which is plenty for people who want to place down their camping equipment and furniture. The awning also has a tunnel attachment which simply fits to your vehicle with ease. 

If you want to reserve your pitch at the campsite, this awning is the perfect choice for you as the Kampa Action Driveaway awning can be left free-standing. You can simply roll your vehicle away from the awning and go out for the day whilst the awning stands on its own. The poles used to keep this structure upright are made from a lightweight, flexible and exceedingly durable material - Fibreglass. These poles can stand up to the rigours of seasonal camping with no problems at all. To ensure you have a watertight interior, all seams have been hot air tapes and a clip-in groundsheet is included with the Kampa Action Driveaway Awning. The main entrance to the awning uses a ‘wet weather’ system to provide sheltered access to your interior, this stops rain from running into the awning when you unzip your door. Behind the door is a mesh fly screen which stops bugs from passing through, but lets air easily ventilate throughout the living area. The tunnel attachment also has a side door which adds to the versatility of the awning.


  • Free-Standing, able to stand on its own, perfect for campers that want to driveaway for the day
  • Fibreglass Poles, lightweight and flexible as well as highly robust to stand up to intensified wind speeds
  • Weathershield™ 68D Fabric, a polyester material that is fully waterproof and durable
  • Large Windows, illuminates the interior brilliantly
  • Mesh Fly Screen Panels, allows air to pass through but stops bugs from entering the awning
  • Clip-In Groundsheet, protects the surface from debris and moisture


  • Weight: 13.01 kg
  • Size: 290.0cm x 270.0cm x 205.0cm
  • Vehicle Connection Height: 180.0cm - 210.0cm
  • Pack Size: 72.0cm x 30.0cm x 27.0cm

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